I was raised in a very creative environment in a family where craftmanship and working with your hands were valued. Among them are writers, musicians, doll makers, painters, and carvers. I have myself enjoyed more than 30 years of art glass experimentation.


In 1984 I was living in Alabama and picked up a glass cutter and was immediately ruined for any kind of real job. I opened a stained glass studio, designing and fabricating custom work for homes, churches and businesses. I also did glass restoration work on some beautiful old homes. During that time I began melting glass together in a kiln and incorporating pieces in my stained glass work.  I was immediately hooked on experimenting with that process, and have been ever since.


I have lived in many places including Hawaii and Arizona but now live and work in the Seattle area.

I have always been fascinated with the study of sculpture and am now making a series of metal armature pieces that are designed to be an integral part of the glass sculpture. I keep the metal lines clean and dark to mimic the pen lines in the sketches that become the final piece.


Glass working has a flexibility in dealing with light unlike any other substance. Kiln work is ideal for my design style because a piece can be designed cold on a kiln shelf  and then fired. There is no immediate need to finish a piece since it isn't worked in a fragile hot liquid state. That means I can continuously experiment with the look of a piece before firing.

I am drawn to exploring sculptural possibilities while combining bright, rich colors and the interplay of light, both reflected and transmitted, through glass and fired metal oxides.


         I hope my work will continue to evolve for as long as I am able to pick up my glass cutter.



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